Love Your Life

There are certain things in life that I rarely write about. That is up until now…  Previously, I could have never stated that I enjoyed a wellness-sustaining, empowering, and God-guided career path. But, here I am. Snuggling a little person, watching Looney Tunes reruns at 7pm on a weeknight. After a big move, my body craves this downtime to recharge. After a big move, I crave working my business.

How many people can say that??

Network Marketing is different, though. Not only am I able to pursue dreams that may only pay a few bills, but I still get to pay all of them. As long as I work… work with consistency, integrity, and passion. I get to change lives through freedom, happiness, and health. Why would I want to not work? And own my own time?? It’s such a huge blessing.


Take a moment today to listen to that inner voice. What do you crave? And, how will you get it??

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family or learn more about plant-based support products at Wishes of peace, love, and happiness from our home to yours!

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