Life is Awesome

Isn’t it awesome where life takes us???

In the last week, we’ve moved across the country and are finally settling in. And by settling in, I mean mama just spent her first hour of self-nurture in the last 3 weeks. I know, I know! I stand on the soapbox to promote it, yet sometimes lovin’ on me does come second. But only for a short while. I’m a better person when I feel well.

This being said, I’ve just relaunched my personal 90 Day Challenge. Today was a “yes-day,” which means I just ate my coconut dairy-free ice cream complemented by Fat Fighters. I’m so thankful for them. I no longer feel deprived, welcoming plants into the role of helping my body eliminate some of the junk it doesn’t need. Thank. Full. Or full of thanks. However you want to put it, I love plants.

Here’s this weeks video on the basic 90 Day Challenge. For a customized approach, and to makeover your pantry with plants, reach out to me anytime!

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family visit our facebook page or learn more about plant-based support products at our online store. Wishes of peace, love, and happiness from our home to yours!


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