Always a Yoga Mama at Heart

It’s been a while since I have really pushed myself on the mat. Fear? Perhaps. That might have been stirred up by a description of how my joints function. Yet, since feeling the effects of sunshine warming my weary mama-bod, I feel like challenging the physiological explanation of what won’t work. I like a new challenge. And I’m super inspired by the many years that my body conquered autoimmune.

(Yes, I do remember those were not years filled with chasing little people and carrying sleeping children up and down the stairs.)

Nonetheless, I believe in our inherent ability to self-heal. What that healing looks like is different to everyone, for sure. My expectations are being pushed aside. My concerns. My ponderings. Placing all of these on the back burner is kind of exciting. I wonder what my body can do? 29 years old, you’d think that I would already know. But, like life, our bodies are full of possibility. We are limitless. I’m walking the effects of powerful plants that are helping keep my energy stable and inflammation low. Now, to re-incorporate the movements that make me believe that anything can happen.

P.S. Spin – it’s been real. Your music pumped me up, and I’ll definitely be back! But for now, my relationship with yoga is far more important. Spinning off the bike just isn’t quite as profound as practicing yoga off the mat. No lol there!

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family visit our facebook page or learn more about plant-based support products at our online store. Wishes of true bliss from our home to yours!

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