Have you ever felt as though you were called to do something completely outside of your comfort zone? Ta da! I feel like I should do some sort of Vana White motion with my hands, as I display a kitchen full of dirty dishes and two children wrestling over a single maraca on a very furry dog’s bed. Welcome to life way, way… WAY beyond mine. In all honesty, today looks absolutely nothing like the vision that I had for my life.

In my vision, I lived alone – no husband or kids – and spent my days in a cabin by a lake writing. In my reality, I have two beautiful children, and I live in the desert craving a few minutes to write… knowing that once they come, I will probably be too spent to come up with anything anyhow. So, the vision must be re-crafted into one that embraces anything and everything thrown my way. Lots is thrown my way: food, emotions, tiny bodies, the challenges that come with mothering autoimmune-style…

Yes, I guess I am called to be uncomfortable. I will not complain. I will reflect on the blessings – on an eloquent farewell that a young mother and blogger who wrote to her community, while she lay at death’s doorstep. She left two baby girls. I will reflect the the story of a teammate who lost her entire family in a car accident. (Please pray for her.) I will not complain. When uncomfortable could be gone in the blink of an eye, it suddenly fits a little bit better.

That being said, I thank God for calling me to live a life outside of my comfort zone. I am blessed to live an imperfect life – and to have a new vision wrapped around a calling I did not create alone, but heard, and am navigating to the best of my abilities. A calling of faith and family.

Who knew that I would be asked to be here now?? Did you envision the life you live today?

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