Be You Bravely

The last seven months have been a whirlwind during which I’ve rekindled the fire within for my faith and staying home with my miracle monkeys. It’s been an absolute blessing to be on this journey. A huge blessing. To spend time with the most precious gifts is just awesome. It can also be exhausting.

Let’s face it, one of the hardest parts of living with autoimmune is that we must take care of ourselves. And not your average, “I’m going to take a shower today” self-care. But really significant practices! Moving in healthy ways, making great choices in eating habits, relaxing, finding time for prayer and spiritual restoration, emotional nurturance… the list goes on and on. None of it is truly condusive toward being present with a growing family, right?? Or is it?


I want to let you in on a little secret. When I chose to put my family first, I chose to put myself first. Say what?! Oh, yes. My body is the temple that tends to little, beautiful beings. It is the space that grows love. It is the well that holds kindness and compassion. Without this body, my children have no mother and my husband doesn’t have a wife. They would all have a disheartened, shell of a woman so lost and broken that eventually she would be replaced by other people, places, and things to fill the void created by non-presence.

To be me bravely, and without apology is new. And, but suddenly days are now full of self-care – little pieces, spread throughout – and I am once again whole.

  • 6-7a snuggle kids; read something inspiration on my phone in bed; shower with or without little ones; take my time getting up!!
  • 7-8a eat breakfast; begin my workday (social media and a few phone calls); make tea and take supplements; listen to some uplifting music
  • 8-9a get oldest to school; pray in car together, drink cold tea (it’s always cold by the time I get to it!)
  • rest of the morning is spent doing errands and working, or napping with the baby – depending on what my body needs
  • 12-1p lunch time; get ready for the gym; listen to something inspiration (Third Day has been my pick lately) or a motivational speaker on YouTube
  • 1-3p gym/pool/physical therapy time; kids get to have movement and creative play activities at the center
  • 3-5p after pickup, we all have a snack and talk about our time apart; play outside together
  • 5p I cook a REAL dinner of (usually) 7 ingredients or less
  • 6p We eat that real dinner – sometimes we listen to work calls during it… the kids love chiming in
  • 7-8p Kids are in bed; I am spent and snuggle up to work – plan for the next day – follow up with clients and teammates, and read a book to support my intellectual and business growth; gratitude

If you’re reading this, and also walk the path of autoimmune and motherhood… consider what “being you bravely” looks like. Creating a schedule was particularly helpful to both myself and the kids! Especially working from home. I pray you’ll remember to fill up your well. There are so many lives for you to touch. But you must here, now, in order to touch them.


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