Living On Purpose

There is a difference, I am finding, between living FOR a purpose and living ON purpose. When you are living for a or your purpose, you can miss out on things. You could end up missing out on everything. But, when you are living on purpose… every action has an intention.

This morning I woke up after another night of battling the burning pain that has almost become normal; and I wasn’t mad or sad or even annoyed. There has been many a time that I wonder autoimmune disharmony keeps me from being the mother that I want to be. The mother who says YES to anything and everything, and isn’t explaining away the reasons why she doesn’t do or eat this and that. This morning, I realized that nothing keeps me from the YES other than me.

I recognize my humanness. I love myself in spite and because of it. I want my children to see that humanness too. But I also want them to know that I live with intention. I live on purpose. I am ALIVE. When I choose to get right out of bed to tend to them, when my body aches for quiet, that is living on purpose. When I choose to take a few hours to myself, so that I can recharge and be ready for those springing-from-the-bed moments, that is living on purpose. When I choose to make a meal that satisfies my cellular needs over my emotional ones, that is living on purpose. When I choose to work my business in ways that keep me from exhaustion, that is living on purpose. (I kind of love that I get to work from my bed, on purpose.) Those are my yesses. I like those yesses, and the ones of similar color.

How do you live on purpose?

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