Be Brave

I work hard to set an example – for my babies, for my team, for other fighters out there who don’t believe that there is any way left for them to thrive. To my fellow fighters, I have definitely found a better way. The fact that nine bedtimes later, I can be tired and still run my business… even if it is from my bed, is just awesome. God is good. And He has plans for us all that we don’t even know about yet.

Truly, I have little idea of what He’s got planned. Because after a myriad of tests, I still don’t have answers to my questions. (I guess that could be good?) And I know I am not alone. So, I continue to fight… and after reading this article, so should you!

Since the women affected are mostly young women in their childbearing years, a time when they are traditionally most healthy, getting a diagnosis can prove to be extremely difficult. Symptoms vary widely, notably from one illness to another and even within the same disease. And because the diseases affect multiple body systems, their symptoms are often misleading, which hinders accurate diagnosis.

According to a survey by the Autoimmune Diseases Association, over 45 percent of patients with autoimmune diseases have been labeled chronic complainers in the earliest stages of their illness. In addition, another AARDA survey found that it takes most autoimmune patients up to 4.6 years and nearly 5 doctors before receiving a proper autoimmune disease diagnosis. – AARDA


I’m feeling brave. Are you?

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