Not By Accident

Have you ever wondered what has happened in the moments that you felt most alone? I think that I figured it out today. And by me saying that “I” figured it out, I mean that I have been listening to the voice that isn’t mine. When we lean on ourselves, we aren’t truly leaning on ourselves. Even when we are most alone, we are being carried.

It’s pretty amazing.

There is no end to that love. We are always being carried. We are also always being called. But do we listen? I find myself preoccupied with filling my mind. (I am a huge geek.) I get overly involved with mastering the movements of my body. (I want to heal.) But what if this adventure isn’t just about me finding fearless health – and bringing others to it – but finding a fearlessness and fierceness for life in general. What if this adventure isn’t about change, but peace.

We are put on our journey’s with intention. His and ours. Growing the life that we want means acceptance and pause… no matter how uncomfortable it might be. Here’s to the continuing transformation for our family and yours in 2015. We have only just begun… and it is not by accident.

Embracing a pause,


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