The Summer of Self-Love

Last week, after watching a YouTube video by the inspiring Tony Robbins, I realized two things: 1. The day before might have been the first time in the history of my life that I had prayed specifically for myself; and 2. Everything – your entire world and what you co-create – starts with love. And love, starts with you.

These were pretty powerful realizations for someone who shouts self-love from the rooftops! Just because I offer myself random acts of kindness, which I do, does not mean that I am truly loving and honoring myself and my adventure every single day. In what I have claimed as “The Summer of Self-Love”, it means that YES, I am going to boldly love myself (I just bought myself my FIRST brand new bicycle of adulthood), and I will focus on the number 90. 90% that is. If my well is not at least 90% full when I wake up each morning, I will seek out ways to fill it. We best love others when we love ourselves, first.

So, in putting the 90 rule out there, I am stepping into a gray zone. What does it mean to be 90% full? Does that mean that I stop, drop, and yoga when I’m feeling less than? Do I pause to pray for myself as soon as I feel on the brink of 89? Do I cancel plans last minute, because healing is my priority – and I cannot serve well without being at my best?? I have to honestly say that I don’t know yet. I just know that I will be taking my “temperature” without being sick. I will be focusing on full instead of wallowing on empty. I believe that this summer is going to be absolutely amazing! This summer is going to be the best summer of my life. And next summer will be even better. And all the spaces in between and far beyond are going to look so very different than they have before.

As our pastor said this week, what if we just prayed and obeyed? This definitely applies to The Summer of Self-Love. It also applies to motherhood, entrepreneur life, and healing from autoimmune. Pray and obey. Simple, sweet, and extraordinary. Lives change when we are brought to our knees.

I look forward¬†to sharing The Summer of Self-Love’s perspective with with my team tonight. It’s such a blessing to be on the path of fearless health, and feel completely supported. I have much gratitude for being allowed to support their adventures!

Peace & Love,


Please note that for years I have written “fighting autoimmune,” as I share my journey, but since my body already fights itself (that is what autoimmune IS – the immune system attacks itself), I have decided that it is time to take a different approach. I choose love. Love heals all. Let’s heal together.

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