Divine Reality

Every so often, you dream and dream and dream… and then that dream becomes your reality. That is what the last two years have looked like. I have prayed over advocating for maternal well-being for quite some time. When my husband officially retired from full time employment in September, I knew that it was time to make that dream a reality. But I had no idea what that would look like! Then I had a flashback to my retirement from yoga studio ownership…

I love that we get to work from home. I love that I get to support an online and on-ground ministry of self-love. And I love that I can love on mama’s in my community now too – I am going to begin leading postpartum pop up yoga + support right in our town!

Six years in, I am so very sure that it takes a village of support for moms to thrive. Today, because of my non-job, I get to be on the side of “correcting culture” with movement as medicine while erasing the stigma’s attached to dis-ease (mental health). I get to set an example of living life as a successfully healing postpartum wife and mother.

P.S. I will always say healing and not healed. Because this is the journey of a lifetime. One that I know has changed me for the better in ways that I never expected. Cheers to making the most of every challenge we encounter.

Peace & Love, friends!


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