Group Coaching FAQ’s

We love group coaching. In fact, our area of expertise is in living out our best lives in community! Group coaching is a place and space that brings powerful conversations into a small group – creating a safe, collaborative environment focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. For a group to be run, there must be a minimum number of 4 women. Our upper threshold is 10 clients. Most groups are much smaller, particularly those in the virtual environment.

In Jennifer’s coaching groups, we focus on a new place and space every week. As a yoga instructor, she integrates acceptance, awareness, and presence as the foundation for all her groups. With her, you can expect to cover topics like self love, emotional well-being, relationships, body care practices, nutrition, the effects of food choice, hormones, motherhood + career conflict, community, mindfulness, and much more.

Is group coaching virtual or local?

Both! We believe that group coaching clients benefit from “peer learning” aka tapping into the collective wisdom of a group. This peer learning is often as important as the interaction with your coach. Many clients find this process “less on the spot,” giving our clients more time to reflect and integrate their insights.

Virtually, we use zoom to chat. Locally, we will meet in Gilbert, AZ.

How interactive is this program?

We partner with each of our clients in the group setting by asking powerful questions and then taking a step back to allow your inner coach to shine! For our virtual groups, while you can absolutely have your video chat on mute during our time together, we will ask you to unmute yourself as we partake in a round table conversation about each weeks homework assignment. We don’t worry if you’re wild one(s) are chattering as you share time with us. We do care that you show up. You’re worthy of well!

What is the format like?

Our 12 week group programs are 30-40 minutes virtually, or 60 minutes locally.

In leading up to our group coaching sessions, we usually hold pre-program phone conversations with each group member. We use this call to answer any questions you may have, as well as to learn more about you, find out what brought you to the program and learn about your goals and success measures for our work together.

We absolutely recognize that different group members will have different styles. There will be multiple personalities and style preferences within our group! Approaches will vary accordingly – with the goal of making this a fun, interactive experience where you can make the smallest possible changes for your greatest possible good. Some of the shifts we expect our breakthrough clients to make include:

  • Daily Reflection
  • Goal Setting
  • Creative Exploration
  • Goal Planning (and Working That Plan)
  • Ongoing Connection

 What are the costs?

Group coaching is typically more affordable than multiple individual sessions. On average, a one hour coaching session will cost a client between $60-200. With group coaching, the cost is cut by 50% or more. Fall Breakthrough Sessions are $347 for 12 weeks. It includes lifetime access to a forum, unlimited email communication, and lots of attention from your coach.

Can I offer this program as an employer?

Absolutely. Organizations may find benefit due to the scalable nature of the process, opening up communication between group members in different parts of the organization. Communication is essential to build healthy interactions between colleagues. Over time these relationships create a valuable network across an organization.

In corporations, our specialty is working with mothers in transition – who are going through big things or are looking to go out on maternity leave and want to return to work mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually well. These programs benefit both the company and the employees.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more!