Feeling All The Mama Feels

Can I go Here and come back whole? I ask myself as I put my fingers to the keyboard this morning. It’s so easy to become lost in thought. Especially for a girl who hides from emotion. Or a girl who hid from emotion. A girl who doesn’t hide from feelings anymore… yet doesn’t particularly care for excessive feeling either. Still.

Perhaps, after months of write-free sabatical, and an exploration into integrative wellness from the other side of the table (as a coach-in-training), I can be Here and return into my sweet little world whole.

Let’s give it a try.

Today, I want to talk to you about these emotions I’ve been burying for years and years (and years). Today, I want to be brave enough to tell you that you are not alone if you have had big, scary emotions begin to rise up – and then you completely freaked the freak out (with or without knowing it). Today, I want to be brave enough to share this space with you. Because maybe, just maybe, if we share this space it will be easier to tell you about Jamie. And maybe it will be easier to tell you about growing into an emotional being, too.

Jamie was the first mother that I chose a relationship with shortly after becoming a mother myself. My peers didn’t have kids, especially sick ones, and I was crawling out of my skin most days pretending to be someone I wasn’t… yet. But in those conversations with Jamie – a friend and employee at my day job – I wasn’t pretending. I could tell her about the sleepless nights and the worry. She held a space for me. And in return, I held one for her. Our sons were only two weeks apart in age, and we could connect on so many different experiences. Including this one: Jamie lived with a physical dysfunction that was wreaking havoc on her life. That dysfunction took her from our beautiful world five years ago today.

That experience that we connected on has absolutely wreaked havoc on my life too. And five years ago, I had just recovered from an autoimmune crash and back injury. I was teaching yoga, contemplating leaving my job in veterinary medicine, and feeling nothing (still). My son was 20 months old, and I was completely disconnected. But on the day that Jamie passed away, I felt something for the first time since becoming a mom. I felt something real and raw and vulnerable. And it wasn’t fear – quite possibly the only thing that I had been feeling for quite some time. What I felt was one of the deepest sadnesses that I have ever known. And, home alone with my little boy when I received the news, I felt one of the deepest loves that I have ever known too. My mild child sat upon my lap as I crumbled that day. He sat upon my lap and he wiped away each and every tear that fell.

The little boy that I didn’t know how to love, loved me. I can’t put this experience into any more words than this. At least not today.

Flash forward through the next year, and slowly but surely more emotions bubbled up to the surface. And of course, one by one, I pushed them back down. When I became pregnant with our second baby, I decided immediately it should be a boy again. I was raised to believe that boys were less emotional. Which would obviously make life much easier for me!

This little boy might be the most emotional being I’ve ever met. He breaks down gender stereotypes daily. And I love it.

But alas, God’s hand placed me on a healing path – and that second miracle child ended up being a sweet (and wild) little girl. Not only did I begin to learn emotion through her, but I learned that all people have emotion through having her. Emotion isn’t just a girl or woman thing. It’s a people thing. (And it is safe to have them.) I’ve seen the emotion of a little boy learning to grow into a relationship with a lost mama bear; and then watched his emotions expand and contract as he learns to grow into relationship with a special needs sister. I’ve seen the emotion of a man who almost lost his father. I’ve seen the emotion of a child lost in her world. I’ve seen my emotions twist and turn and churn and bubble up through it all.

And while I don’t love the idea of being so hugely vulnerable as to feel all the feels all the time, I do feel a lot of feels a lot of the time now. Feels that don’t pull me down into a deep dark hole, but inspire me to lift someone else out of theirs.

How do you live in your emotional body? Does it feel good and safe to you? I would love to know.

To Jamie – thank you for being on my heart daily. You remind me always that being present means being grateful for all of the gifts that Papa has given me.


Mama J.


Invisible Disease

I am the owner of an invisible disease. No one can see the battle. Sometimes, I go weeks or months without posting about it. But then, sometimes, I wonder if I do myself and others a disservice by staying silent.

I am not the only wife, mother, sister, friend, woman, yogi, or mompreneur fighting. So, why don’t I share the journey more???

I was diagnosed at age 11. I went through high school mostly pain free, and then I’m college it came back with a vengeance. Bleeding under my skin, seizures, lumps in both breasts, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, a slipped disc… I could go on. I’ve been told I have rheumatoid, spondyloarthropy, lupus, mixed connective tissue disease. I just call it autoimmune. There is no other way for me to explain it.

But this year, I promised myself I WOULD explain it. Silence leads to sadness and loneliness. And I know that I’m not alone – physically or spiritually. This is my year of transformation and Fearless Health. I will no longer push myself beyond what I am able to do. It wouldn’t be fair to myself or my family. I will push myself to do what I AM able to do. And that, dear friends is to share the journey.

I had an idea that this year I would create a support system of yoga and meditation for mama’s growing “happy humans.” I didn’t know what it would look like. I thought maybe videos… Beginning to speak in public. But today, I know it’s written word. I can’t always practice… but I can always preach what I know to work wonders – on and off the mat. (I miss you, mat. I hope we meet again soon.)

Anyhow… Welcome to my journey. If it’s yours too, I hope you’ll comment and stay engaged. We are better together on this crazy adventure; and I don’t want either of us to go it alone.

This is me, fighting back.



Greens Reboot

I haven’t made the time to eat as well as I usually do – you know, listening to my calling and all (insert winky face here). So, this weekend is all about mama. And not in a leave-my-kids at Grammy’s doorstep kind of way! I am rebooting. Cleansing. Detoxing. Putting awesome plant goodness back into my tired lil’ body. Here’s the program… my clients have had super awesome results – as have I! What a great way to start the weekend…

The System & Supplements:
Greens – ProFit – It’s Vital – ThermoFit

  • 8am – ProFit in 8oz water (1 serving) – you may blend fresh fruit or veggies in these shakes each day / Supplements- It’s Vital, ThermoFit
  • 10am – 2 greens on the go (or 4 scoops of greens in the jar) in 16.9oz bottle of water
  • 11am – 2 greens on the go / Supplements- It’s Vital, ThermoFit
  • 1pm – ProFit
  • 3pm – 2 greens on the go / Supplements- It’s Vital, ThermoFit
  • 5pm – 2 greens on the go
  • 7pm – ProFit
  • 9pm – 2 greens on the go
  • 10pm – 2 greens on the go

The Science

Cleansing is an important part of any health regimen. Detoxification does more than clean out a digestive system; it is thought to restore your balance, refresh and maintain healthy skin and mental clarity, plus a myriad of other benefits, including better sleep, ridding the body of impurities and even reducing or eliminating pain.

Who should detoxify? Anyone who wants to improve their health. However, some health conditions require monitoring during detoxifying. Nursing or pregnant mothers should not detoxify, nor should people with certain illnesses. Check with your physician before cleansing.

To be really effective, a strict three-day diet of pure, diluted juices is best, but may be too stringent for some people. If that’s the case, try the juice diet for at least one day and then maintain the juice for breakfast and lunch and eat a light supper of low fat, high fiber, fresh and minimally processed foods. If possible, in place of normal meals, fill your stomach with broths made of juice, and eat melon. This will satisfy that empty feeling and keep you on track.

Any detox diet you follow should only be used short term. For the healthiest lifestyle, it’s essential that you take in enough calories to support your daily activities. Still, a detox can help you begin a healthier eating plan by making you feel cleaner and lighter. Once you feel your body rid itself of all those toxic chemicals, and you enjoy the benefits such as regular bowel movements, a clearer complexion and more energy, you’ll probably feel motivated to continue eating well and will be less inclined to clog your body with unhealthy foods.

The Official Reboot- Greens-on the-Go was started by Joel Dunn. He stated…. “See I was thinking about juicing (after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead…everyone should watch it!!) but didn’t want to spend $400 on a juicer and get all of the stuff and then have to be around every 3 hours to juice. Then I looked at the juice recipes and though wow we have more in 2 scoops of greens than any of these juices. Dr. Don said 2 scoops, 5 times a day would be more than enough.”

  • The plan is to follow what is written above for 3 days. Many of our clients are reporting a significant weight loss.  This is only meant to cleanse and “reboot” your system. Do not use for an extended period of time!
  • You may add an extra Profit Shake to make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrients each day. If you need to, feel free to add a light dinner, but make sure you are eating clean foods.

Stress Less, Mama

Tonight, will you do something for me? With me?? Release the expectations that you have for yourself. Give them away. Hand them over to God, who will clearly advise you – if you choose to listen – that acceptance is absolutely bliss. There is nothing more perfect than to walk without guilt. Hold your head high. And as you hand your burdens over to The One who can shoulder them, smile.

Yes, smile. For even a single moment of life-joy will forever change the world.

Breathe in, breathe out.


A Mother’s Vision

Today, I am unfolding the baby steps it will take to one day reach my vision of bringing greater self-love to the masses. The masses of mama’s who walked away from childlike wonder, joy, creativity, and movement the moment that they believed “growing up” was necessary.

For me, that moment was holding a limp baby in my arms. I work every single day to rebuild from a multitude of moments thereafter when I tucked away my inner, limitless life-joy. I don’t want to grow up. I want to grow wide, embracing both sides of every potential path. Sometimes, you don’t have to choose!

I look forward to this exploration of sharing. A dream made clearer each day as I explore the many roads ahead.


Love Your Life

There are certain things in life that I rarely write about. That is up until now…  Previously, I could have never stated that I enjoyed a wellness-sustaining, empowering, and God-guided career path. But, here I am. Snuggling a little person, watching Looney Tunes reruns at 7pm on a weeknight. After a big move, my body craves this downtime to recharge. After a big move, I crave working my business.

How many people can say that??

Network Marketing is different, though. Not only am I able to pursue dreams that may only pay a few bills, but I still get to pay all of them. As long as I work… work with consistency, integrity, and passion. I get to change lives through freedom, happiness, and health. Why would I want to not work? And own my own time?? It’s such a huge blessing.


Take a moment today to listen to that inner voice. What do you crave? And, how will you get it??

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family visitwww.facebook.com/mamogawellness or learn more about plant-based support products at http://www.simplebodybliss.com. Wishes of peace, love, and happiness from our home to yours!

Water Aerobics

I’m – by far – the youngest swimmer in my water aerobics class. Yet graciously, these amazing men and women accept my presence. After I explain myself, of course. I mean… really, why would a 29 year old woman (who looks pretty healthy on the outside) take a water aerobics class?? Secret: It’s the inside that counts. And that is the truth!

On that note, I’d like to pose the question: What can those around you not see? Would your life be easier if they had a visual??

Back to chatting the water! Here are my three favorite things about bouncing in the water:

  1. Bouncing in the water. It’s such low impact, and my joints feel no wear n’ tear!
  2. Moving in ways that my body doesn’t normally allow.
  3. The strength factor. Two classes in, and I’m using muscles that I didn’t even know existed – other than from Anatomy class.

Inside out counts









Beyond this is remember to eat well (every day), hydrate well, and utilize plant-based supplements that support the journey. Plants that I’ve fallen in love with include cacao and turmeric. Cacao because of all the fantastic phytonutrients (plant goodness), including magnesium and iron; turmeric in conjunction with other anti-inflammatory’s make this mama move-able. In an easeful way. Relief is my go-to for inflammation, on a daily basis. Cacao nibs are fantastic raw, and I eat them several times a week in smoothies, topping sunbutter rice cakes, and in homemade energy bars.

Jennifer Magnano is a Mindful Mama Yogi – powering up people, and changing lives with freedom, happiness, and health through yoga and plants. To join our online family visit www.facebook.com/mamogawellness or learn more about plant-based support products at http://www.simplebodybliss.com. Wishes of peace, love, and happiness from our home to yours!


Project 21

It’s time. It’s time to take my little piece of the world by storm with prayers and praises. It’s time, not to clean my mind, but my heart. God is good, and this journey of being physically fit rests in His hands. A simple stretch asked to be guided by God is better than a marathon run without. Leaning is such an essential act of self-care. To recognize self reliance as unnecessarily burdensome, the first step.

So, in being three years post my 365 day complaint-free challenge, I’m starting again with 21 days. It takes 21 days to break a habit. So, start loving and leaning more with me. Any time. Any day. Just do it. Your body -which harbors all – will thank you.

Simple Self Care

This has been a challenging week for mama. In an effort to care for busy, sleepless children with colds, I didn’t always care for myself. But, this weekend I am.
Our physical fitness shows us and the world that we are ready for anything. Because we are. When the body feels good, or better yet great, we can best heed the call of our life’s purpose. When I feel best, I can lift my babies and move quickly and fearlessly. Nourishing the temple that we’ve been blessed with isn’t an option, it’s a priority. Especially when we are on the frontlines of nurturing others.
Back to chatting about those pesky colds. Here’s a home remedy tool kit for you to have on hand:
-2 oz container sesame oil with 1-2 drops roman chamomile, apply a few drops of mixed solution to nasal passages * I personally use this with my kids too
-homeopathic zinc (read labels; some remedies have multiple ingredients that are not the right fit for everyone)
-oregano oil to dilute with coconut oil and apply to skin * I apply certified pure therapeutic grade oregano behind my ears and on the soles of my feet
-greens diluted in 16 oz water * It Works Greens are all the fruits and veggies you could ask for to support the immune system

For those of us walking chronic autoimmune, it’s extra important to check labels and identify remedies that don’t illicit a reaction. It’s equally as important to rest. Everyone should rest. Autoimmune or not! Rest equals greater fitness, as the body self-heals.
Remember, you are a priority. Be the best you that you can be. Find your life-joy.


The Last Run

I’ve never been a runner. Yet, when someone says you can’t do it… doesn’t that make you want to just a little bit more??

As I hang up my running shoes (I’m not trading them for orthodics yet… lol), I want to reflect on the things that autoimmune has never taken away from me:

  1. Love
  2. Self-respect
  3. Friendships – actually it’s given me way more than I could have imagined
  4. Truth – I’ve weeded out a lot of “junk” from my life (thoughts, expectations, and icky food)
  5. Plants!!! – they best “medicine”
  6. FAITH
  7. My beautiful family

What have your challenges NOT taken away? Have your struggles given you anything??