Hey Friend!

Welcome to support for wild mothering adventures in the East Valley (and beyond). My name is Jennifer Marie Magnano – and I am a formerly bed-bound mama bear who is fueled by tea, yoga, chocolate, laughter, excessive research, and rest. I am so glad to be getting to know you! Let’s get raw, real, and well together, on and off the mat. Because everything changes when something changes.

It is with such huge gratitude that I give voice to body-soul wellness here on our blog and as a mother-child yoga instructor. You won’t find anything glossed over here; I’ve personally lived complicated pregnancies, autoimmune disease, a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, generational pain, and a critically ill child. In my present season of mothering, I rock life with pure amazingness: the mild (miracle) and wild (sensory-spectrum) child.

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As I’ve experienced, sometimes living “differently” shapes us for special service to others. I am finally right where I am meant to be – doing life and service – with YOU!

xo Mama J.

Jennifer Magnano

East Valley Mama Yoga